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Date Added: 18/10/2011
Cartridges Hervullen Refil City Sedert 2004 Video Naar DVD
Welcome to Refill City
Info Refill City refills all brands and types of cartridges, wide formats and the most common laser toners at very competitive prices. We also supply all original toner and ink cartridges.
Our toner cartridges are refilled at the factory, also worn parts are replaced. There is a 2 year minimum warranty on all Rebuilt toners.
Feel free to come along and we refill your printer cartridge or toner. Look under Reset instructions to give your cartridge a life as long as possible. For most of the cartridges we also have cheap alternatives, our House brand.

Video, image and files to DVD?

Your (old) videos and movies on DVD at last! Refill City in The Hague makes it possible! All your old image media, such as VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, Mini DV, VCC, BETAMAX, HI-8, 8MM Film, 16MM Film, cassette tapes, LPs photos and slides. You can also contact us for duplicating films complete with print on the DVD and inlay.

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Refill City
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2561 DK The Hague
+31(0) 70 360 99 37 

Refill City

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